Harry Zevenbergen (Den Haag) poet, performer and poet laureate of Den Haag from may 2007 to may 2009). He is a poet/performer with a story to tell. In his work political satire, sharp observation,a heartfelt tear and hilaric absurdism are alternated. As a performer Harry proved he can entertain all kinds of audiences. From a hardcorehouse gathering to a bunch of pensioners and from punkrockers to the poetryloving elite. In the past 18 years Harry did over 1000 performances, including over150 performances in Belgium, England, Ireland and Scotland.

His work was published in several anthologies, magazines, newspapers and in 2004 his first major collection ´Punk in Rhenen´ was published. Followed by ´Paal in wegdek´ (January 2009), ´´ (october 2009, a book/dvd with citypoems/poetryclips). ´Save that last dance for me´ (January 2010, english collection), ‘Zwaartekracht’ is ook maar een mening (June 2014),

Harry is the (co-)editor of a number of Dutch poetrycollections that promotes talented poets from his hometown Den Haag. In september 2007 the Nepalese/Indian magazine Pratik published an anthology of contemporary Dutch poetry, edited by Harry Zevenbergen, with support of the Dutch Translation fund.
As a poet he works both solo and in the poetrypopgroup D.O.M. A group that makesspoken popfolksongs.